Campus Updates at a Glance

Campus Updates at a Glance

International Schools data is coming! Plus, our latest email build features.

International Schools data is coming! Plus, our latest email build features.

Rebecca Weatherley-Hastings
Rebecca Weatherley-Hastings
Published: 25th May 2022

Here at Sprint Education, we’re continually working on solutions that will help your edu-business reach educators and turn those decision-makers into customers.

As we race towards the summer holidays, we know you’ll be busy planning strategies that’ll start the new academic year in September with a bang.

For our Campus users, we’ve got some very exciting news to share – International Schools data is coming to Campus to help you connect with British curriculum and British speaking schools across the world!

It won't be long now until this new dataset is integrated into the software and you will have the opportunity to access the data as an upgrade feature and start to target this extremely lucrative sector.

International schools earn £42bn in fees per year, and their senior leadership teams will soon just be a click away.

How many International Schools will be on the database?

At our most recent count, the total number of schools included in our database is 9,288!

As our Campus users already know, responsible data management and the protection of our clients' brands is of paramount importance to Sprint Education. We only ever collect and provide the data of the schools in countries where it is permitted.

How many direct email teacher/staff email addresses does that include?

Our current total of responsibly sourced email contacts is 177,150, with 17,552 of those contacts holding a Senior Management position, including Deans, Head Teachers/Principals, Assistant Head Teachers/Principals, and Vice Principals.

On top of our existing education datasets, we’re confident that this latest update to Campus will revolutionise the way you do business.

New Drag ‘n’ Drop features

To make creating awe-inspiring email designs even easier, we recently released some new Campus Drag ‘n’ Drop features.

1. Title, Paragraph, and List Content

These handy little features are designed to give you much more flexibility and control over the text you include in your Campus emails.

Play around with font sizes, formatting, and spaces to create designs with impact!

Screenshot of Title, paragraph, and list tool

2. Spacer

A smart time-saving tool – the spacer feature helps you effortlessly add all-important space to your email designs without having to get too technical by adjusting the padding around your content.

Adding ‘white space’ (not always white, but space nonetheless) around elements allows the eyes to rest and the brain to digest your message. Over-crowding elements in an email design can overwhelm the reader and make the message less effective.

Screenshot of spacer tool

3. Minimiser

The blue arrow in the image below now offers you a quick way to minimise the sidebar in the email builder. This enables you to use the full screen for editing and viewing – crucial for ensuring your overall design is well-balanced and easy to read.

Screenshot of minimiser tool

4. Left alignment

Finally, we want to remind you of an update that might not be new but is easily missed. By heading to the Content area in your Drag ‘n’ Drop email builder, you can now select left alignment.

This means you can build a plain text one-to-one style email, like the example below, that will look as if you have typed it out in your own email client to that one particular contact.

This style of email is superb for establishing a personal connection. Based on our managed client strategies, when used in a strategy with designed emails these plain text emails generate approximately 75% of a campaign’s response.

Give a plain text email a try as part of your next campaign and see what happens!

Screenshot of left alignment example

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what Campus is, let me explain.

Campus is our complete selling-to-schools solution, holding all the teacher email addresses and school data, updated on a minute-by-minute basis, that you'll ever need.

Plus, its integrated email marketing tools, selling to schools features, and education insights module will give you the power to deliver edu-marketing directly to your target education audience, helping you to generate more leads and sell more to schools.

If you’d like to know about our Campus updates, give us a call on 01684 297374, or email


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