Campus: What’s New March 2017

Campus: What’s New March 2017

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Selina Buckley
Selina Buckley
Published: 1st March 2017

New Year, New Updates

Here at Sprint Education, we can feel that 2017 is going to be a great year. We’ve spent the beginning of it finding ways to make your year as good as ours.

Our development team has been hard at it as usual and here’s what’s been launched ready for March by our amazing development team, Julianne, Al, Rich and Harry.


It’s awesome that you have a lot of tracked visits on your website - you done some amazing marketing to teachers and now you’re getting pop up notifications in the corner of your page more often than we drink coffee here at Sprint!

However, while you may love seeing all the live action, you may also be finding it all a little bit distracting while you work on other tasks in Campus. We’ve decided to give you the option to switch these notifications off, on a per user basis.

Web Visit Notifications

Check out the Knowledge Base for more on Managing Notifications.

Contacts Lifecycle

When you head over to your Contacts in your CRM module, you will now notice there will be more tabs available to you - Contacts, Followers, Leads and, Opportunities.

Teacher Contacts Life Cycle

You’re now able to view contacts by their life cycle stage and also easily see how many funnel points a contact has accumulated. Lucky you!

Find out more - Followers, Leads, and Opportunites.

Deleting Contacts

We’re making deleting contacts super easy from now on.

If you’re on our Growing, Pro, or Enterprise Campus Plan, you can now create Contacts Lists specifically for contacts you want deleted from your CRM, instead of manually doing it one by one. This will leave more time for the more important tasks - Ping Pong Tournaments!

Deleting Teacher Contact Lists

Become a whizz here - Deleting Contacts.

Email Marketing Improvements

This year we’ve done a full refactoring of the whole codebase for Campus’s Email Module which will make it sturdier and more efficient - less waiting time for page loads and an improved campaign page user interface.

Data Cleansing

The whole Sprint team have been working on our school database in full force, making sure that all the data you have on your Campus is up to date and looking good!

Bugs Squashed

Our bug squashing count is currently through the roof with our web team squashing 12 bugs in February!

No problem!

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