How Campus Helps Me Build Stronger Relationships With Our Clients

How Campus Helps Me Build Stronger Relationships With Our Clients

After two years of round-the-clock development, we’ve finally launched Campus to the education sector. In fact, the firs...

After two years of round-the-clock development, we’ve finally launched Campus to the education sector. In fact, the firs...

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 7th August 2015

After two years of round-the-clock development, we’ve finally launched Campus to the education sector. In fact, the first wave of forward-thinking sellers to schools are already using it to transform their marketing to schools and the feedback we’ve received so far has been mind-blowing.

I can assure you the excitement is justified. We have been using Campus in house for a year now and it is extremely difficult to remember my life before it!

Campus Video

However, it’s not enough to just tell you that Campus transformed my working day (anyone can throw around statements like that) so I thought I would use today’s blog post to provide an insight into how Campus enables me to connect and relate to clients in an incredibly powerful way.

When a client gets in touch I instantly turn to Campus to find them; even if they are a client I am familiar with it is still useful to look them up in the Contacts module as you can see any correspondence they have had with members of your team.

Contacts Module

It may be a few months since I dealt with them personally but in that time they could have requested a quote, made a purchase, got in touch to update personal records, the list is endless and that list is at your fingertips in an instant! If you are able to reference this insight within your conversation it demonstrates that you know and understand the client which builds trust and cements your relationship.

If the correspondence shows a quote has recently been generated you can easily click on the individual quote or alternatively open the quote history for the client. This is super-useful for providing a snapshot of the products/services your client is interested in. You can open the quote in an instant and be fully prepared to discuss the options and answer any questions your client may have.

Quote History

With no delay in the transition from answering the phone to having the quote at your fingertips, your client is filled with confidence in not only your ability, but also your company’s processes and back office system (all round delightfulness!).

Similarly, if the most recent correspondence was a sale, you are one click away from opening the details of this sale and accessing the entire purchase history of your client, meaning you can be poised to answer any questions they may have relating to these purchases.

Image - Sprints CRM Story - Campus

I was recently contacted by a new employee at a company we have worked with for many years. She wanted to introduce herself and also get a feel for what we do here at Sprint. Telling her about our products and services was a piece of cake, but what would have been nearly impossible before Campus was tailoring that information so that it resonated immediately with what her company offers.

If we were living in ‘pre-Campus’ days this would have meant looking back through historic sales in our CRM, the names of other staff members at the company in a different part of our CRM, finding previous quotes on our network… all of which takes time and would be difficult to gather whilst on the phone. With Campus, all of this information is one click away and enables you to ‘knock your client’s socks off’ with your knowledge and understanding of their company.

This super-useful Contacts module is enhanced by the Live Feed showing a detailed timeline of your full history and relationship with the client. I must admit this feature is quite possibly my favourite (not that you should admit to having favourites). Whilst my memory generally serves me well, the live feed is the memory I wish I had!

Live Feed

There is one final feature I wanted to touch upon as it is integral to my client relationship-building role at Sprint. Campus gives you the ability to track visits to your website – as they happen! It blew my mind when we first saw it in action and to be honest, it still does.

A notification appears on your dashboard that Mr Smith from Abbey College has visited your prices page and filled out a form to download a whitepaper/toolkit. You then have the option of getting in touch with Mr Smith to see if he would appreciate a call to discuss your pricing structure further or whether he might like you to prepare a quote for him.


It is another tool to add to your marketing to schools toolbox and will help convert teachers into loyal followers and customers that are confident in your brand.

As Customer Happiness is at the forefront of my mind I am sure you can appreciate how Campus helps to keep happiness levels high and brand advocates flowing through the door! I look forward to hearing about how Campus transforms your day in the near future.

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