Meet our new dedicated Education Team

Meet our new dedicated Education Team

Access expert insights and advice from ex-teachers Ben and Lance. Make more sales with the help of your new dedicated Education Team.

Access expert insights and advice from ex-teachers Ben and Lance. Make more sales with the help of your new dedicated Education Team.

Kat Thompson
Kat Thompson
Published: 18th January 2023

Meet our new Education Team: Say hello to Ben and Lance

For well over ten years, Sprint Education has been firmly at the forefront of the education marketing industry. Our powerful SAAS Campus is the leading marketing tool specifically for education businesses, our US education database is the only one available within the UK – and, of course, businesses like you mean we work with the very best clients!

Another of our highlights has been how we help you stay connected with the education industry. You can access Campus’s integrated education calendar, that keeps you up to date with those all-important school holidays, budget releases, and national days. Our Creative Team plan every single email marketing strategy based around said dates, as well as current events in education, and the host of stats we’ve logged from every single email we’ve ever sent. And maybe you’ve been on the phone with our sales team when they’ve mentioned a breaking news article they read over their morning coffee?

But we wouldn’t be where we are today without the drive to do better. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to…

Our new Education Team!

Lance and Ben are two of our newest faces, whom eagle-eyed readers may have spotted on our 2022 year in review a few weeks back.

Our Education Team, both former teachers and department heads, will be keeping you – and us – at the forefront of education. Through our upcoming expansion of our Education Intelligence offerings, you’ll have access to expert insights and advice from those who’ve been on both sides of your education marketing campaigns.

Ready to say hello to your new dedicated Education Team?

Meet Lance

Qualifying as a teacher in 2014, Lance has been a real jack-of-all-trades in the classroom. During his time at Pakuranga College in New Zealand, he taught ESL, History, and Social Studies; became the Head of their History and Social Studies departments; and supported the school as a cross-curricular Learning Coach for five years.

His feet may be firmly planted back in the UK, but he’s kept a keen eye on the international education landscape, and has quickly become our first port of call for breaking school news across the globe.

With our comprehensive international and US databases, and Lance’s first-hand experience teaching globally, striking the right chord with worldwide schools is now easier than ever.

"My goal is to provide insights into the world of teaching beyond our unmatched data. We’re strengthening the connections between education businesses and schools, bringing the views and perspectives of teachers to the forefront of your business so you can deliver the exact support they need, exactly when they need it."

"The power of EdTech in recent years has helped modify teaching practice, and we now have the possibility to redefine how we teach. As an in school eLearning mentor, I've supported teachers in adapting to online learning tools in order to expand their practice. I’m keen to see your EdTech business supporting teachers to engage more students. I'm dedicated to helping you share innovative solutions to make teaching more efficient, reduce admin tasks, maximise the time teachers can spend with students and open up new opportunities for their learners.”

Lance Martin, Education Specialist

Meet Ben

A music teacher and Head of Music and Performing Arts for 20 years, Ben’s had first-hand experience during some of the best – and worst – times in teaching in the 21st century. From the introduction of the Children Act 2004 and the publishing of the new National Curriculum in 2013, through to budget cuts and the COVID-19 pandemic (under 15 Secretaries of State for Education, no less), Ben’s navigated turbulent times to guide both his students and department to success.

He hasn’t only experienced vast changes in education. In just his first decade alone, he worked across three wildly different schools, each with their own positioning, resourcing, and way of reacting to the ever-changing world of education.

His extensive experience, and passion for music, means he’s on-hand to guide your all-singing, all-dancing sales strategies guaranteed to resonate with teachers no matter what’s facing schools today.

“I see my role as being central to the further development of Sprint Education as leaders in education marketing. With my colleague Lance, I will be ensuring that the customer-facing teams are always up to date with any developments in education, whether it’s to do with funding opportunities, how teachers might be feeling, changes in the curriculum, or what pupils might be having for lunch!”

“I hope that by keeping businesses up to date with all these things it will enable the children to get the best possible experience from their school life and set them up to be successful, well-rounded individuals.”

Ben Sawyer, Head of Education

2023 is set to be another exciting, ground-breaking year in the education marketing industry. If you’d like to join us, and be one of the first to hear of some of the exciting things the Education Team will be rolling out very soon, get in touch with us via, or 01684 297374.

Sprint Education

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