Boost Your Edu-Sales With the New Campus Deals Module

Boost Your Edu-Sales With the New Campus Deals Module

Major news… we've hit the launch button on our newest, most trailblazing Campus tool to date that makes selling to schools easier than ever!

Major news… we've hit the launch button on our newest, most trailblazing Campus tool to date that makes selling to schools easier than ever!

Kat Thompson
Kat Thompson
Published: 25th June 2020

With all the game-changing email builder updates our Campus gurus have been rolling out recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d finally run out of steam.

Think again…

Behind the scenes, they’ve been working on one of our most trailblazing modules to date – 'Deals'.

Deals is, without a doubt, the headline act in Campus's Sales module. Gone are the days of time-sapping sales management: Deals is the vessel that holds all of the communication interactions, quotes and invoices, that all relate to a specific sales conversation with an individual teacher/staff member, whilst you are also able to create your own bespoke sales pipeline so each deal can be tracked and moved from initial contact through to the point of purchase, with ease.

If a client now enquires about your product, you can easily map a comprehensive sales journey with just a few clicks – a far more robust and transparent way of managing your enquiries, follow-ups, negotiations, and sales, and ensuing no leads slip through the cracks.

Deals helps you to boost conversion rates and sell more efficiently and effectively to schools.

Centralise your education sales management and sell more to schools and teachers

Centralise your sales management

Created and developed by our in-house software programmers, the Deals board is fully integrated with the rest of your Campus account; comfortingly familiar in its look and operating, and designed to support your CRM – centralising your correspondence with your Contacts. There’s no need to use external purchasing applications or bolt-on programmes now that Deals can manage, store, and track everything relating to your Contacts and your Sales.

Once a new deal with a corresponding value has been created, it can be linked to the full profile of one of your Contacts or Organisations. A new deal will start at the first stage of your sales pipeline and then continues to move through the pipeline as you send them the right content relevant to their position within your pipeline, until they reach the end stage of the process where the deal has been either won or lost. It’s a simple way to track your offers from initial enquiry to the point of purchase.

The Deals interface that displays these journeys is incredibly easy to manage.

View Deals as either a Table or Board, and simply click or drag each prospect to progress them through the next stage of the pipeline.

Review individual Deals to see at what stage a prospective contact may be stuck at, or review an entire pipeline to view all active deals and see what values and contracts you have stationed in each section of your pipeline. You may have a Contact stuck considering the proposal - do you need to enter into further negotiation to move them along?

Similarly, view the total monetary value of all offers you are currently holding within your sales pipeline, so you can see a snap-shot at anytime of the potential sales 'on the table' for your sale team to chase down.

Previously, this sort of internal administration would be done with calendars and reminders to check enquiries and chase outstanding quotes. With an ‘at a glance’ dashboard view, you can now follow and evaluate all live Sales commitments and offers in just a few seconds.

Streamline your sales admin to save your team time and increase conversion rates

Streamline your sales admin

Campus has always been built with team collaboration in mind – which is why our new features include assigning deals to your team members, and allowing them to write notes, send emails, and log calls for each deal as they would for individual contacts and organisations.

Deals can also be filtered by date; by value and which members of your team own each deal. Watch your sales teammates drag-and-drop their leads from one stage to another, and get real-time estimated sales values from your pipeline.

Integrate deals with your Campus account - a single piece of software for all of your selling-to-school needs

Integrate Deals with the rest of your account

Not only will Deals streamline your internal administration processes and reduce the need to switch between other software programmes, but by fully utilising Deals you are continuing to build deeper relationships and enrich the profile of the Contacts in your CRM. Negotiations, any correspondence, quotes, and sales will continue to be logged against each Contact; building up a detailed picture of their buying persona. The more you know and understand about your Contacts, the more targeted and effective you can make your future marketing.

Integrated with our database of over 350,000 teacher emails, your sales pipeline can become a constant source of new potential leads to grow your business and boost your conversion rates. With a streamlined sales pipeline and most efficient deals organisation system to date, you’ll close more deals, win more sales to schools, and get the best return on your marketing budget investment.

Ready to dive into Campus’s new Deals Module? Contact our experts on or 01684 297374 and find out how to unlock our newest feature!

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