Sprint Newbie and The Power of Three

Sprint Newbie and The Power of Three

As I am composing this, it has been 4 weeks since I started my exhilarating journey with Sprint Education as their new D...

As I am composing this, it has been 4 weeks since I started my exhilarating journey with Sprint Education as their new D...

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 10th April 2015

As I am composing this, it has been 4 weeks since I started my exhilarating journey with Sprint Education as their new Digital Campaign Planner, what a ride!

I have been given the opportunity to take a step back from the most motivating training plan I have ever encountered, to flex my creative muscles and to stretch my (frequently exercised) ability to talk!

Hannah and the Whippets

Destination: Awesome

Working freelance as an illustrator and enrolling on a course in Web Design was great, but I dearly missed being part of a team!
I had been actively applying to move into marketing for 2 years already, but faced the problem of having no solid experience in this industry.

My friend and now colleague Jen, got in touch to let me know of opportunities at Sprint. With a glimmer of hope I applied, even though I realistically expected a polite “no thanks”.

Gosh, am I glad I went for it!

If I had believed my usual internal dialogue of “Don’t bother H, you don’t have a chance”, I would not be here today learning how to code beautiful email marketing, listening to country music and watching our adorable Sprint Mascots team run hilarious laps around the office!

Sprint offered me the unique opportunity to be a part of their team, to assist our uber cool clients with my keen eye for detail and my wealth of client care experience!

What can we learn from this?

I like to call it ‘The Power of Three’

(Inspired by one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes and by our powerful 3 part strategy on offer to our clients)

1. Don’t be afraid to take a risk

Like Sprint does on a daily basis, I took a risk, I pushed my boundaries and it has given me great results, beyond my wildest dreams.

Sprint do this by trying new marketing techniques, continuously learning how to stay ahead and generate more and more leads for our clients! We encourage our clients to engage using an intriguing and lovable voice, which can sometimes shock someone new to marketing, who would expect a harsh SELL SELL SELL tone.

Taking a risk can open up so many more windows of opportunities! In fact, forget the window, let’s knock down a wall!

2. Build relationships – stay connected!

I cannot express how important this is. My friendship with Jen has led me to where I am today, writing to you as part of the Sprint team! That connection was more important than I could ever realise.

The same is true when marketing through our continuously updated database. Every connection we create between our clients and schools is intended to be lasting, beneficial and a delightful experience to all parties involved!
Once you have built that connection, it is a hard bond to break.

When I see an email engaging with me directly, offering me something for free I stop and have a read. This is how Sprint makes a huge difference to our clients. Our expert team know how to generate the right voice for our clients, to help them on their way to building these lucrative relationships!

3. Size isn’t everything

As an illustrator in my spare time, I have been working hard to get a bigger audience on social media, using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… I genuinely believed the number of likes and follows were of highest importance.

Reaching people through social media is invaluable of course, yet I have come to realise that having a sizeable audience, doesn’t exactly mean an engaging or prosperous one.
It is all about making the right connections, a commitment to a small few can, in time, help you reach a bigger audience through word of mouth.

Sprint has a small team compared to some of our competitors, yet we still continue to smash our targets and provide our clients with a quality service. I feel privileged to have been chosen to join this team, as I know that each and every member of Sprint is vital in generating our outstanding results.

As a small team, we have to be fully invested in making every moment count. With experience in working for large international companies in the past, although they were great at what they did, I can honestly say that Sprint are much more efficient in comparison just by having the right people on board.

I have learnt so much in my first 4 weeks here and as education is key at Sprint, I know this will be a continuous process where I really have a chance to thrive and shine!

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