2015: Year Zero For Selling To Schools (Part 1)

2015: Year Zero For Selling To Schools (Part 1)

2014 was an exciting year for Sprint. Using Campus, (software we’ve spent two years developing in-house), we transformed...

2014 was an exciting year for Sprint. Using Campus, (software we’ve spent two years developing in-house), we transformed...

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 5th February 2015

2014 was an exciting year for Sprint. Using Campus, (software we’ve spent two years developing in-house), we transformed the way we interact with our target market; enabling us to increase referrals of our service by 88%, rocket sales by 24%, and scoop the prestigious ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ award.

So how can we make 2015 an incredible year for you? In today's post we will begin our journey revealing reveal how Campus has transformed our business, and (when launched later in 2015), how it will bring all your business functions into one super-cool application so you can offer teachers what they really need: Not marketing, but relationships with people that can help them overcome their daily challenges.


So, let's begin our look at the 10 ways Campus will transform your relationships with teachers this year:


This is where it all begins. Delighting teachers with quality content that helps them overcome their daily challenges is now the accepted base camp for launching a successful marketing to schools strategy in 2015.

Attract teachers to your website by offering them free lesson plans and resources, and thought-leading eBooks and whitepapers that demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and above all offer superb solutions to real-life problems they face.


Teachers have become experts at blocking out marketing and are instead increasingly choosing to interact with suppliers that communicate with them on their own terms. Therefore, in 2015 it’s crucial that you’re using your free resources to get teachers opting in to your marketing.

Using Campus, you can broadcast outreach campaigns to live education marketing lists and push traffic to lead generation forms, (which you can set up in seconds through Campus) where teachers opt-in to your marketing in return for downloading their free resource. Then, with the click of a button, add these teachers to Campus’ Subscriber module where you can nurture them through your sales funnel.


To help you to go on delighting subscribers and provide them with highly relevant content that is going to capture their heart, you’re going to need to find out a little bit more about them.

Instead of simply using your lead generation forms to capture teachers’ names and email addresses, make sure you capture crucial buyer persona data such as their biggest teaching challenge or
the size of their departmental budget. Then use this to create detailed subscriber profiles in Campus.


Once you’ve got teachers subscribing to your marketing and giving you their buyer persona data, use this to trigger automated emails that nurse them through the sales funnel with highly personalised content.

The Pathways module of Campus enables you to delight your followers, leads, and opportunities with a unique automated marketing experience based on their interactions with you.

STAT: According to research by The Aberdeen Group, using marketing automation can increase your conversion rate by
over 50%!


Over the last two years we’ve talked a lot about the sales funnel, and the need to tailor your interactions based upon teachers’ position in the funnel. However, until now it’s always been a rather abstract and hard to visualise concept.

Campus will make the sales funnel tangible. Its Touchpoints feature allows you to track and record every single subscriber interaction in real-time; every web visit, every click, every email, automatically!

It will then use lead-scoring to rank each individual teachers’ position in your sales funnel so you can hone in on those subscribers that are on the verge of buying from you.

That's it for today; next week we'll examine the remaining 5 ways Campus will shape the future of marketing to the education sector.

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