Say Hello to Edu-Marketing Confidence

Say Hello to Edu-Marketing Confidence

Campus Resources is your pathway to becoming an expert in education marketing and selling to schools.

Campus Resources is your pathway to becoming an expert in education marketing and selling to schools.

Lance Martin
Lance Martin
Published: 11th October 2023

You can have all the education data in the world (and we certainly have a LOT of data!), but that doesn’t guarantee sales success. To become an education marketing expert, you need to know your audience by understanding who they are and adapting your marketing to their specific needs.

Teachers, school leaders, and education staff have a variety of different needs and desires. To create a marketing strategy that doesn't just land in their inbox, but arouses their interest, you need to show that you understand both.

That's where Campus Resources comes in.

From eBooks to videos, stats to news, the Resources module on Campus has everything you need to become an education marketing expert. So let’s take a look at just what Resources can do for you.

Read all about it

Staying on top of current affairs can be all-consuming in and of itself.

Our Education Calendars on Campus can show you what’s coming up and when. However, knowing how teachers are feeling or what might be influencing the spending priorities of school leaders at any given time requires an understanding of what’s on their minds.

Staying up to date on the news is essential to reading the room. However, sifting through online publications, government newsletters, and social media posts takes time, time which could be better spent understanding the stories that are relevant to your potential clients and applying what’s relevant to your next campaign.

Enter: Education News Bulletins

You’ll find our fortnightly Education News bulletins in our Resources module on Campus. Put together by our Education Team, our bulletins keep you up to speed with what's on top for teachers and education staff. We focus on key announcements that could impact the format of your marketing and the scale of your sales, such as national and regional initiatives, school closures, and updates on funding releases.

And because it's presented by former Head of Department Ben Sawyer, you can trust we'll only share what's relevant to you. Our host Ben has taught in classrooms and led departments in UK schools for two decades, meaning you can trust he’ll cut through the chaff and get straight to the stories relevant to education businesses.

Combining our education calendars with our bulletins is a powerful method way of keeping up with what issues and opportunities are arising in schools. Staying informed means you can edit the content and tone of your email campaigns to show your audience you care about their challenges, and ultimately build relationships that lead to sales.

Groundbreaking reports and guides

If you’ve already begun your journey to becoming an education marketing expert then no doubt you will have heard of our State of Selling to Schools reports, released annually and highly anticipated by top education business leaders.

What’s more, within Resources, you’ll see our full library of eBooks. This means you’ll be able to brush up on every report, from the Cost of Living Crisis to Selling to Schools in Autumn, and all the new releases that will follow.

You can also discover our extensive range of Guides. Our module features comprehensive Education Guides to help you navigate education institutions across various regions, including the UK, the US, and International Schools. Additionally, we provide Marketing Guides that shed light on distinct sectors, enabling you to zoom in on specific aspects crucial for your business.

Reading our data-driven reports or absorbing our guides will give you a wealth of knowledge to apply to your next marketing campaign. But sometimes you need more.

Roll the tape

In Resources, we have expanded on our groundbreaking reports with Video Insights and Video Shorts.

Each Video Insight series takes a major report release and provides an analysis of the findings from our team of former educators. They not only interpret what the data shows and how that can play out in a school environment, but provide further data analysis based on a range of data sets such as school type, job role, and age range to name but a few.

Insights Shorts are succinct clips from our Insights series, meaning you can jump to content specifically related to your focus area. Want to find out how teachers respond to special offers and discounts? Need to consider a good starting point for addressing wellbeing in schools? OR maybe you simply want to know when to get in touch with teachers?

No matter the question, you can find the answers you need in our full series of videos.

Find what matters at your fingertips

In the Campus Resources module, we're putting the power in your hands—save and access your most crucial content with ease, right at your fingertips.

A simple-to-navigate interface makes getting around Resources a breeze. What’s more, it’s simple to favourite specific Resources you want to refer back to later. On the image of any Resource, you’ll see the outline of a heart icon. Click the heart to fill it in then you can swiftly access the Resource in the ‘My Saved Resources’ tab whenever you need to. Love it!

Now, when recalling that crucial evidence you read on why your marketing campaign should be building towards purchasing decision hotspots, you’ll have the relevant report right there. Want to discuss with your copy team why the tone of your latest email to teachers may need to be altered? Save the education news bulletin you need to pull up in your meeting in no time at all.

Growing into an education marketing expert involves a multitude of factors, but having and understanding the knowledge you need to make the right decisions is what it all boils down to. Now you can be sure that you can back up your decisions with ease by curating what you have at hand in our Resources module.

That's not all ...

We have big plans for Resources, with sector-specific reports, new videos, and insights from education experts queuing up to be uploaded throughout the year.

We don’t rest on our laurels at Sprint Education, so you can rest assured that any exciting new developments that'll give you the marketing to schools edge will appear in Resources.

Be sure not to miss out.

Get in touch to find out how with Resources on Campus, you can take advantage of our comprehensive collection of content designed to make you a selling-to-schools expert.

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