Following Up On Hot Prospects - Your Engaged Recipients

Following Up On Hot Prospects - Your Engaged Recipients

Target the educators and education staff that matter to your selling-to-schools email campaigns

Target the educators and education staff that matter to your selling-to-schools email campaigns

Lance Martin
Lance Martin
Published: 10th November 2023

Welcome to our insight series on Managed Strategies – our in-house service that takes your education marketing and emails to teachers entirely off your hands.

In this series, we’ll show you exactly how our team of education experts plan, design, and launch strategies that connect you with educators, convert connections into leads, and ultimately, boost your sales.

But what goes into creating industry-leading email strategies, and how do we give your campaigns the best chance for success?

We’re revealing everything in this series.

Did you miss our previous guide? Catch up on how we plan industry-leading campaigns using data-driven Strategy Frameworks.

Today, let’s uncover how we enable you to follow up on your emails by identifying engaged recipients…

Engaged Recipients: Unlocking the Power of Connections

Educators and school staff who are the most active in reading and clicking on your emails are engaged recipients. Identifying these contacts is how we help you nurture and capitalise on the most interested prospects to capture the decision-makers in schools most likely to influence purchases.

Why Engaged Recipients Matter

When it comes to education marketing, it's not just about sending emails; identifying potential leads who are engaging with your content is crucial to progressing towards a sale.

Our Engaged Recipients service comprises exactly that: all of your engaged recipients. These are those school staff who've not only received your email but have also interacted with it on a high level. These interactions include opening the email, clicking links, or showing genuine interest in your message.

In short, with Engaged Recipients, you can focus on building relationships with the educators and education staff most interested in your solution.

How we can help
With our in-house Managed Strategy service, you gain access to your engaged recipients as a dataset containing information about the school staff actively involved with your email.

What’s more, you can export 1,000 contacts and use their data to follow up on interest in your products and services.

View your engaged recipients online
As part of your Managed Strategy with us, you’ll unlock access to an online account, via which you can track the impact of your emails.

Access Data
You can easily view the number of recipients and gain a clear picture of who has shown interest in your emails according to different fields.

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Automated or self-selection approaches
When choosing which contacts you want to export as your top 1,000 engaged recipients, there are two approaches you can take.

The automated approach: Let our algorithm do the work for you. It can recommend which of your recipients are most active based on metrics like quantity of opens, frequency, timings of opens, and number of clicks while discounting suspected bots.

The self-selection approach: Hand-select which of your engaged recipients to export by adjusting a range of data fields with our advanced filters. Home-in on the roles, counties, and establishment types relevant to your campaign.

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Export Contacts
Once you’ve identified your high-value contacts, you can download up to 1,000 of them. These contacts become yours, although data usage rules will apply, and you’ll need a legitimate interest assessment in place - but we’ll provide you with the appropriate guidelines.

The beauty of a database of engaged recipients is that it gives you the insights you need to nurture sales relationships with teachers actively engaging with your marketing.

Build Relationships
Our analysis indicates a staggering 82% of our clients' successful transactions unfold within the strategic window of the 5th to the 12th interaction with a teacher. This illustrates just how crucial engaged recipients are for your outreach strategy. Plus, this allows you to focus on your sales pipeline by connecting only with the educators already interested in what you have to offer.

Of course, the option to expand your data set beyond those initial 1,000 contacts is always available.

Value for money and efficiency
We understand the value of your investment. Our Managed Strategy service is designed to ensure your marketing campaigns are cost-effective and efficient. By focusing your efforts on your engaged recipients, you can maximise your resources and achieve a higher return on investment. That’s why we give you the option to control which contacts you wish to export.

Control and confidence

In each Managed Strategy, you can control how to progress with your engaged recipients. You can track who is engaging, adjust your approach, and make data-driven decisions when considering follow-up campaigns.

Are you ready to start connecting with educators and converting them into customers?

Reach out to our friendly team at Sprint Education today, and start building your pathway to selling-to-schools success!

Stay tuned for our next blog in this series - Advanced Tracking Reports. Follow us via our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to stay in the loop and ensure you don't miss any valuable insights.

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