Campus: What’s New May 2017

Campus: What’s New May 2017

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 6th June 2017


No time for sunbathing at Campus HQ – we’ve been busily beavering away to bring you a bumper selection of updates this month. The CRM and Email Modules have been our focus so let’s take a look at our new features…

Contact List Enhancement

This is one our support team are super excited about! We are often asked by users how they can identify Contacts that have bought a specific product / booked onto a certain workshop. And the answer is always – a firm favourite – creating Custom Fields to store that information. However, this does leave you open to human forgetfulness, which can result in inaccurate data. So you are now able to build Contact Lists based on what your Contacts have or have not bought in the past – woohoo!

Along the same lines, you can now also create lists of bounced emails. This will enable you to keep a close eye on your bounces, cleanse data where necessary, and even use it as a guide for how different campaigns perform. If one campaign generates more bounces than another, then it could suggest that the email content has flagged more spam filters, for example.

Organisation List Builder

Whilst you have always been able to build lists based on Organisation parameters (location, number of sales and so on), the resulting list would always give you a list of Contacts at those Organisations.

So what if you wanted to analyse your Organisation data and generate a list of Organisations that have purchased a specific product? We are pleased to confirm that this is now possible, giving you extra power when monitoring your CRM data.

All you need to do is select the List Type at the point of your List creation, set your search parameters and Campus will do the rest:


Want to know more? Just click here

CRM Module

Another great new feature available on a Contact or Organisation communication pane is the ability to browse your computer and add an attachment to that Contact or Organisation.

This is super useful if you have client specific documents that are held outside of Campus, because you can now have it all held in one place – on the Contact or Organisation view page!


Email Module

If you are like us, when it comes to sending an email campaign you'll test, test, and test again, then double check everything is correct before clicking send!

To help that pre-campaign launch checklist we have added a Preview button in 'More' on the Emails grid so you can see at a glance which email you are lining up to send; by eradicating the need to go in and edit the email to double check you are sending the correct one, this new feature is destined to save you valuable time.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more info - Creating Emails


As you know, you were previously just able to see the number of Active Quotes, Closed Quotes, Quotes Converted to Sales, and Quotes to Follow Up.

We’ve stepped up the game this end and have now made the monetary value of these Quotes visible on your Quotes Dashboard.


Campus Infrastructure

Not only have our development team been working endlessly to bring you all of these amazing new features, they have also been developing the Campus architecture by upgrading it to a co-location application, so now your Campus account actually lives in two different places (in case one fails) enabling us to maintain consistent up-time for you.

Data Cleansing

As well as making time for the big ‘Sprint Ping Pong Champion’ decider match (where we watched “the people’s champ” Dan savagely rip the title from the hands of reigning champion John), the whole Sprint team has been dedicating every spare moment to ensuring that our School Database is up to date as always and ready to receive your marketing.

Bugs Squashed

Summer is officially here (well, during the week days) and our bug squashing count is reflecting that with a total of 14 bugs squashed in May!


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