How Guzled Revolutionised Their Education Marketing By Following Our New Blueprint

How Guzled Revolutionised Their Education Marketing By Following Our New Blueprint

In this very special blog post, we're going to hear from one of the many clients who has already used our new blueprint...

In this very special blog post, we're going to hear from one of the many clients who has already used our new blueprint...

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 26th January 2016

In this very special blog post, we're going to hear from one of the many clients who has already used our new blueprint for success to revolutionise their marketing. In this case study, Sally from Guzled shares how she used the blueprint to single-handedly build multiple teacher relationships and lay the foundations to grow her education business for years to come...

Guzled Headline

The Background:

“Guzled is just me; I write the resources, develop the website, do the marketing, manage the accounts, everything! It all started with an idea in my head back in January 2014. The next 18 months were spent developing the resources that I was ultimately going to sell, before officially launching Guzled in May 2015.”

Guzled Backround

The Challenge:

“When I launched Guzled in May 2015, I pretty much instantly had 5 physics teachers sign up and I thought, ‘Wow, this is great!’. However, from there on things got really tough. I quickly realised that the reason those teachers had signed up was because I’d taken the time to build up a personal relationship with them by visiting them at their school.”

“Now, Guzled is just me so I simply couldn’t drive round every school in the UK. I desperately needed a way of building those personal relationships with teachers that was less demanding on my time.”

“Initially I looked into using Salesforce CRM system however it was too complicated and just didn’t feel like a good fit; either for Guzled or for the types of people I was looking to reach out to – namely teachers. I spent the summer of 2015 completely re-thinking how I wanted to market my company.”

The Solution: The Campus Launch Plan (Campus Software + 2 Direct Teacher Email Campaigns)

“The lightbulb moment came when a friend told me I needed to find a company who could email all the Science Teachers in the UK for me. I googled ‘email teachers’, found Sprint Education, and knew straight away that I desperately wanted to use their direct emailing service.”

“Then I discovered Campus and it felt like absolutely everything I needed to nurture those teacher relationships which I knew were so crucial to my business. From Lead Generation Forms and a CRM system, through to an emailing platform and a quoting & invoicing module – Campus had everything that I knew I would need in order to grow Guzled, all linked together seamlessly. It was an absolute no-brainer.”

“The Campus Launch Plan enabled me to take advantage of both Campus and the direct emailing service. With the two email campaigns I could generate leads by promoting a free whitepaper I had written, ‘The 5 Key Challenges of Teaching Physics and How to Overcome Them’, and then I could use Campus to nurture relationships with the teachers who downloaded it and ultimately convert them into subscribers.”

Guzled Whitepaper

The Results:

“In the 6 months prior to working with Sprint I had only managed to generate 5 good leads. Now, following the two Sprint campaigns, I have generated nearly 250 quality leads in just a couple of weeks. They have instantly transformed the number of leads for my business. Crucially though, Campus has then helped me to nurture my relationships with these 250 teachers without having to drive round the country meeting them all!”

“What has been absolutely crucial in building these relationships is the fact that I used a Campus Lead Generation form to capture some really useful insights into these 250 teachers when they downloaded my free whitepaper. This included what specification they teach and what they find most challenging about teaching physics.”

Guzled Lead Generation Form

“These insights have enabled me to send highly personalised follow-up emails to these teachers through Campus; because I knew what they were struggling with, I could promote resources that I knew would help them overcome those challenges. I encouraged them to register for a free trial of Guzled where they could download £15 worth of free resources on that specific topic.”

“What I really love about Campus is the live notifications that pop up on my screen every time a teacher visits a page of my website or completes a lead generation form. As Guzled is just me it’s so nice to have that visibility of how teachers are engaging with my business. I also have Lead Scoring set up in my Campus account so that teachers are awarded points every time they do either of these things and I can see where each teacher sits in my sales funnel."

Guzled Funnel Point Scoring

“It’s only a couple of days after my second launch campaign but already I have 32 teachers that have accrued enough points to become an ‘Opportunity’ in my Campus sales funnel, which is great! I’m now talking to these 32 teachers via day-to-day emails (that I also send through Campus) so that I can develop a much more personal relationship with them and eventually convert them into subscribers.”

Guzled Sales Funnel

“I had to take out a bank loan to pay for Campus but I’m so glad I did as I’m certain that it’s the right tool for me to grow my business. I’ve also recently learned that Guzled has been nominated for Best Whole Course Subject Curriculum at the 2016 Bett Awards so the future is looking really exciting!”

Find out how our blueprint can revolutionise your education marketing:

If you're feeling inspired by Sally's story, why not visit our offices for a Live User Experience of Campus and a chat about how we can help you grow your education business, not just this year but in the years to come.

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