Evolve Your Education Marketing with Advanced Email Reports

Evolve Your Education Marketing with Advanced Email Reports

Embrace the next evolution for email marketing – Campaign Analysis that drills down into the data that matters

Embrace the next evolution for email marketing – Campaign Analysis that drills down into the data that matters

Lance Martin
Lance Martin
Published: 21st November 2023

Welcome to our insight series on Managed Strategies – our in-house service that takes your education marketing and emails to teachers entirely off your hands.

In this series, we’ll show you exactly how our team of education experts plan, design, and launch strategies that connect you with educators, convert connections into leads, and ultimately, boost your sales.

But what goes into creating industry-leading email strategies, and how do we give your campaigns the best chance for success?

We’re revealing everything in this series.

Did you miss our previous guides? Catch up on what else goes into planing and delivering industry-leading campaigns in our blogs on Strategy Frameworks and Engaged Recipients.

Today, we reveal how our industry-leading Campaign Analysis provides you with advanced email reports that give you the edge …

Campaign Analysis: Reporting Beyond the Industry Standard

Our advanced email reporting isn't just another reporting tool; it's a game-changing hub of essential analytics. Say goodbye to the limitations of the industry-standard PDF stats report with basic open and click rate metrics; with our online Campaign Analysis platform, you'll gain access to a comprehensive suite of metrics that drill down into your email data, providing live insights that truly matter.

What Makes Our Campaign Analysis Different

Beyond open rates and click rates
Let’s start with the basics of open rates and click rates. Any email reporting tool worth its salt will provide these figures. Our reporting page goes further, breaking down each statistic so you can compare your email’s performance to the industry average and your previous email campaigns.

Below, you can see this example email was 7.4% above the average open rate for this solution provider. Strikingly, it was 70% above the industry average of 22.3%. In terms of the click rate, it significantly outperformed the industry average, but it’s not the most effective email this provider has sent with Sprint Education, presenting you with the opportunity to analyse why not, and adapt your future emails.

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Benchmarking made easy
We’ve made it easy to compare your results not only against industry averages, but your own past performance. Gain a holistic view of where you stand, and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the curve. With our advanced email reporting, benchmarking becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Drill down for deeper insights
Accessing the overall open rates and click rates is just the beginning. Customise your campaign analysis page by examining results across audience demographics and firmographic properties.

We always provide a summary of the top opens and clicks across the properties of school type and county, but you can customise further using our adjustable filters to see exactly what you want.

Demographic filters
So your campaign had a 41% open rate. Brilliant, but which of the roles you were targeting clicked on your solution? With demographic filters, you can understand the nuances of engagement among different roles. For example, are head teachers or business managers engaging more with your school improvement tool?

Firmographic filters
Comparing location data means you can see in which counties your campaign is hitting home. Combine this with filtering by school type, and you can identify trends about which schools you are best placed to follow up with. Furthermore, you can spot areas where you’re not making as many sales, and take action in your next email, such as by segmenting your follow-up strategy to target specific regional or school-type preferences.

Profile of a purchaser
Combining your understanding of demographic and firmographic success is the cheat code to identifying the profile of your customers. Whether it’s KS3 leaders in northern counties who are focusing on their STEM provision, or SEND leads in Wales seeking staff workshops, you’ll start to recognise the profile of the purchasers worth your time following up with. Develop your customer profiles based on data and results, not guesswork.

Subject line scrutiny
Ever wondered how your subject lines perform? Now you can compare and contrast by finding out how that catchy ‘video’ or ‘downloadable report’ tagline resonates with your audience compared to your other emails. Our system empowers you to refine your messaging strategy so you can adjust your wording by looking at what performs well with your typical customer base.

Insightful charts for visual understanding
Numbers tell a story, but charts paint a masterpiece. Our system comes equipped with insightful charts that transform complex data into visual narratives. Easily interpret trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions backed by a clear understanding of your email marketing performance.

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No room for bots
We understand the importance of accurate data. That's why our system automatically isolates bots from results, ensuring that your insights are based solely on real human engagement. Bid farewell to skewed data, and embrace the precision of genuine audience interactions.

Strategy and wider planning
Advanced email reporting isn't just about analysing past campaigns; it's a strategic powerhouse for wider planning. Use the insights gained to refine your future strategies, ensuring every email campaign is finely tuned to target the right audience, engage educators, and ultimately generate sales success.

For example, we provide a summary of which links were clicked on the most. By considering link performance, you can see if your landing page link was positioned correctly, or if you need to change the number of links you use in your next impact email based on what worked this time round.

Standard inclusions for exceptional insights
All the features mentioned above are not add-ons or extras – they come as standard with our advanced email reporting system. We believe every education marketing professional deserves access to the best campaign analysis tools for success.

The Future of Campaign Analysis has Arrived

Embrace advanced email reporting to elevate your strategies, empower your decisions, and redefine success in education marketing.

Are you ready to start making data-driven decisions based on what actually engages your audience and leads to more sales?

Reach out to our friendly team at Sprint Education today, and start building your pathway to selling-to-schools success!

Stay tuned for our next blog in this series where we’ll be looking at email performance. Follow us via our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to stay in the loop and ensure you don't miss any valuable insights.

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