The Edu-Marketing Revolution Is Here

The Edu-Marketing Revolution Is Here

Change is always hard, and this year has been no exception to the rule. But, there are edu-businesses out there doing amazing things and succeeding every step of the way.

Change is always hard, and this year has been no exception to the rule. But, there are edu-businesses out there doing amazing things and succeeding every step of the way.

Rebecca Weatherley-Hastings
Rebecca Weatherley-Hastings
Published: 8th October 2020

As mentioned in our last blog, we were so inspired by many of the businesses we work with who rose to the huge challenge lockdown posed to their livelihoods and made the changes they needed to put themselves in front of their teacher audience, stay relevant, and succeed.

We knew we needed to do the same, which is why we funnelled the expertise of our Dev. Team into projects designed to take Campus to the next level and ensure that all our Campus users had the very best opportunity to turn teachers into customers, despite the challenges lockdown posed.

No longer fuelled by the constant brew rounds that are synonymous with the Sprint Education office, our team had to double down before launching several updates to Campus, including the new Deals module.

Designed to make selling to schools easier than ever for our Campus subscribers, Deals includes a number of features that streamline sales management to help subscribers move teacher leads from interested to sold, with ease.

The changes we made to Campus were bold and transformational and ultimately led to the number of users of our Campus software growing by 740% within the 3 months from the start of lockdown.

But, the most exciting thing for us was actually the results that our Campus users were getting. We saw open rates and click-through rates increase over lockdown and some users saw spectacular results, far exceeding their expectations for marketing during lockdown.

Campus success stories:

**One Campus user saw over 100 sign-ups for their summer project. **

The business had nearly lost hope after disappointing sales for the project when launched at the start of lockdown.

However, they re-evaluated their planned marketing campaigns and came up with a plan to run very small, targeted campaigns, broken down by genders as well as job roles and locations. They also tweaked their content to address the pain points and concerns teachers had that created a barrier to them making a booking.

They achieved open rates as high as 45% and click to open rates were 33% on average, and achieved their sales target for the summer project, despite the challenges Covid-19 presented.

One Campus user was able to drill down into the data and find their audience.

A business operating in a niche area was at their wits’ end, finding it increasingly difficult to reach the right audience.

Upon subscribing to our Campus software, they were able to dive into our 400,000 strong email database of teachers to create three highly targeted, small, and cost-effective direct email campaigns.

These campaigns saw 36% average open rates and 13.9% average click to open rates (the education sector industry average is currently 22.3% open and 3.3% click) and achieved over 30 sales directly from the campaigns. They’re now looking forward to building upon the engagement they achieved this new academic year.

We think that Mike Southern, Director and Co-Founder of Stage Ed, summed up the mood of the last 6 months perfectly when he shared this with us:

*“Like everyone else we were really worried about both the short and long-term effects Covid would have on our business as we rely on a healthy/functioning education system for us to operate. It was a scary time when gradually all work that had been booked in was cancelled, so the income source was turned off but the overheads remained.

We had to think on our feet as we knew we couldn’t sell to schools that were not in a position to buy, so we thought we have to find positives in this situation and up our engagement and generate leads that we can sell to when schools find a new normal.

Campus has been invaluable in helping us engage with new teachers, and really get to know and interact with those already on our CRM. Via Campus, we created and promoted free resources to help teachers that are teaching remotely, and we began delivering online sessions. The plus has been that teachers have more time to interact during a lockdown, and Campus has been invaluable in taking advantage of this.”

If you’re keen to learn more about Campus and what it could do for your edu-business too – get in touch with us here.

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