Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the Academy

Read the latest trends, and learn from the best free resources in education marketing.

Read the latest trends, and learn from the best free resources in education marketing.

Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis
Published: 19th November 2020

In the spirit of education, around which our business revolves, we’ve launched the Academy.

Check it out here: www.sprint-education.co.uk/academy

Over the years as an education marketing agency, we’ve learned a thing or two about connecting businesses with educators, and we thought it was high-time our insights became yours.

Without the support of our thousands of clients, we wouldn’t be here, and many teachers wouldn’t have the brilliant tools they now use to teach the next generation.

The Academy is our way of giving back to the education suppliers making our schools a better place to learn and teach.

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What is the Academy?

The Academy is a library of our most valuable reports, guides, how-tos, and insights, all created to help education businesses improve their marketing through a better understanding of schools and teachers.

Now there’s a place for current and prospective education businesses to find the latest insights and learn from relevant marketing resources.

Every free resource in the Academy will grow your knowledge on edu-marketing and help you maximise your efforts when selling, marketing, and communicating with schools and teachers.

Bookmark the page and visit us each month for an up-to-date picture of the edu-marketing landscape.

Everything you need to know about marketing to schools

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Here are some questions the Academy will help you answer:

1. Are you working on a strategy to navigate the pandemic?

Use our guide on the impact of COVID-19 and the free academic year calendar to get your marketing back on track.

2. Are you unsure about different types of schools?

Read about the UK’s various school types in detail.

3. Do you need to know which school staff members to target?

Use our guide to staff roles to identify decision-makers and define your target audience.

4. Do you need some pointers on how to write emails that educators will want to read?

We’ve laid out the steps for writing emails that engage teachers and get results.

Stay one step ahead with the Academy:

‘Gradually, then suddenly.’

That’s the most famous line from Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises describing how change happens.

Gradually is what happens as the focus of the curriculum shifts, new technology is adopted, and schools explore online communication.

Suddenly is discovering sometime later that your resources are now out of date, that most teachers open emails on mobile, and that school visits are now happening via Zoom.

On a positive note, suddenly is also waking up to an inbox full of leads because schools discovered you now offer flexible software licenses for teachers working remotely.

Many of the things that happened this year may have felt sudden when, in reality, these were changes that were gradually gaining momentum.

The Academy is here to help you stay mindful of changes that will continue to happen in schools and edu-marketing so that when gradually becomes suddenly, your education business will be poised to strike.

What’s next for the Academy?

In-line with sharing insights and trends, our next project will be to publish a series of free video guides that detail our favourite strategies to win over teachers and schools, we call them our Campus Playbooks. They will guide Campus software users through precise strategies designed to achieve specific goals and objectives with email marketing to schools, and be accessible from the Academy homepage. What is Campus?

Campus is our software that gives sellers to schools direct access to the inboxes of 400k educators across 31k schools in the UK.

If you’d like to know more about Campus, get in touch with us here.

Otherwise, start your free edu-marketing training at the Academy.

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