The Education Insights Calendar – New for 2021

The Education Insights Calendar – New for 2021

View key dates and events for edu-marketers across 12 different categories for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on one calendar.

View key dates and events for edu-marketers across 12 different categories for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on one calendar.

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 17th December 2020

A few days ago, we introduced the latest feature of Campus in our drive to empower sellers to schools on their path to edu-marketing greatness, the Education Insights Module.

But we didn’t give it all away.

We said we would release the first feature of the new module later, and left you with a riddle; its days are numbered.

The most detailed edu-marketing calendar ever. Period.

Did you get our riddle?

If you said a calendar, you are correct.

Don’t worry if you didn’t, being good at word games isn’t a prerequisite to use the Education Insights Module.

In fact, the Education Insights Calendar will take the guessing out of your marketing to schools altogether.

It’s the most detailed education calendar available for sellers to schools with events, deadlines, exams, awareness days, and holidays across 12 categories – all in one place.

The calendar is the first in a set of features we will deploy within Campus that will give our users the knowledge and data we use in-house to create and plan top-flight education marketing strategies for our clients.

The same insight we use to build year-long campaigns, including strategy, copy, design, and assets – top to bottom.

Our goal is to give Campus users the best tools available for education marketing so that they can outperform competitors in the sector.

image of the education insights calendar for businesses marketing to schools

Plan your marketing to schools with precision using the Education Insights Calendar

Now education marketers in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland can effectively plan their marketing from one place.

We’ve collated all of the events relevant to schools and education businesses in the UK into one super calendar.

A lot happens in a year. The Education Insights Calendar features 12 separate categories of events, so users can select to view only events that are of interest.

Filter the Education Insights Calendar by these types of events:

image of the different school events categories on the calendar

Within each of these categories, you’ll find specific dates and date ranges for everything from when budgets are released, to when Nativity plays take place.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll find in each category:

Politics – This is where you’ll find critical dates regarding events like Brexit and general elections.

Trips & Travel - View date ranges in which schools book and embark on trips and tours for educational, musical, or recreational purposes.

**Budgets ** - This category details essential timings surrounding schools financial concerns like deadlines for the Condition Improvement Fund.

**School holidays **– Holiday periods differ across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but all of these are on the calendar.

Exams – Dates and plans surrounding exams have been tentative during the pandemic, this category will keep you up to speed on the dates for GCSEs, A-levels, SATs, and more.

Occasions & Celebrations – Here you’ll find significant holidays and events across cultures, religions, and nations, allowing you to theme and time your campaigns appropriately.

School events – Each school does things a little differently, but this category will give you some insight on everything from parents evenings to graduation ceremonies.

**Education Exhibitions **– Remember to schedule your campaigns to send while you’re away at BETT 2021.

Performing Arts – ‘Tis the season for Christmas concerts, and musical groups looking to tour and perform at Europe’s famous Christmas markets.

Wellbeing & Safeguarding – Never miss a chance to support schools, teachers, and parents with marketing that puts pupils’ wellbeing, mentally, emotionally, and physically first.

Sporting Events – Schools like to get students active by mobilising them around significant national and international sporting events, and now you can view them all in one place.

UCAS & Careers – Keep tabs on the events and dates that help leavers take their next steps.

sample image of a week on the education insights calendar

Why should I use the Education Insight Calendar?

1. It will help you plan relevant content.

For businesses that offer products and services that are most relevant at a particular time of year, this is a no brainer. They can’t afford to mistime a campaign, and the calendar is going to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

But what about businesses that offer products and services that aren’t seasonal?

Being aware of the events on schools’ calendars means you can plan around periods where educators are likely to be focused on something other than your business.

For instance, I might dial back marketing my English resources during British Science Week, the second week of March, but turn it up just before the beginning of April, because it’s National Poetry Month and International Children’s Book Day.

Book fair anyone?

2. It’s going to help you create more cohesive, synchronised campaigns.

Detailed insight into activity occurring in schools throughout the year is going to improve your marketing and the way you speak to teachers.

School years are predictable because they are cyclical. While schools priorities might change year to year, the objectives and timing remain the same.

As you become more familiar with the cycle, you’ll learn what to send and when.

Before you know it, you’ll be dropping the kind of targetted communications into teachers’ inboxes that will have them wondering if someone overheard their thoughts.

Get access to the Education Insights Calendar

The Education Insights Calendar is a Campus exclusive.

If you are a user of Campus, we encourage you to log in, head to the Education Insights Module, and start using the calendar ASAP.

If the Education Insights Calendar sounds like the tool you need to take your marketing to schools to the next level, but you’re not yet a Campus user – get in touch with us for a quick chat and a no-obligation quote.

If this all sounds fantastic, but you’re not ready to talk, try the Academy. It’s free to access and will keep you up to speed with the most recent edu-marketing insights and techniques.

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